Friday, 17 September 2021

I do miss a good burger.

Michael could cope with almost every aspect of the witches curse.

He could cope with being turned into a woman and a bimbo

He could cope with having a inappropriate dress sense.

He could cope with not wearing any underwear.

He could even cope with having sex with men.

The only part he could not cope with was his new dietary requirements.

Food no longer did anything for him.

The only thing he could eat that made him feel full and satisfied was fresh semen.

which meant everyday he had to find four or five guys to come into his mouth.

which thanks to the gorgeous body he now had was not hard to do


  1. Michael was cursed, by a witch. How well he really said the wrong thing, to the wrong person. When he called her a witch bitch. He was closer than he knew to the truth.
    He transformed into a beautiful woman, both gave excitement and shock. Two his clothes, seem to change to. into more sexy apparel and the shoes were high heels. The underwear were more revealing than a sexy bikini.
    And his need to look pretty and appealing to guys, gave him no real joy to it.
    And the need to have sex with men, men was a need, than want but he got used to it.
    But the worst of it was that. He couldn't eat food. He could taste it, eat it, but somehow he couldn't survive on food, it was like moment of pleasure than requirement. It like drinking he could drink water, coffee was more a moment of pleasure to. And alcohol how he misses that, that taste, was also moment too.
    It took him several days by accident that semen, actual semen could satisfy his hungry.
    That he need his hungry, the worst of it, he need one or two each day. To stay full, if he missed a day or two.
    He going into a sorta sexual orgy that requires three or four men to satisfy his need.
    The worst of it. He is actually starting to enjoy it. Sometimes. The problem was his male mind in this female body was confused him to know end.
    He couldn't understand, why he could find away out of it. But the curse that put on him was trick and complex.
    One she wanted him to know that he was still a guy. In a body of girl.
    Two that to dress sexy.
    Three his need for sex is both a desire and a shock.
    Four his need for semen was requirement to live.
    Five his male ego still refuses to except a girl, a woman did this to him.
    Six his feminine body goes on automatic each time need to feel.
    And the worst of it. He was this gorgeous girl taking semen from them.