Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Natalie Dormer: requested by Josef Zápotocky

Never in his wildest dreams did Josef think when he booked his two weeks vacation on exchange  island he would end up in the body of Natalie Dormer.

2-weeks in her gorgeous body just flew by.

He had had many wonderful and great experiences thanks to her gorgeous body.

He was not quite sure that he was ready to give it up.


  1. Hi may I request a caption where I (Jose) 21 steal Sadie sinks body and finds a way to make them stuck as each other

    1. thank you for getting in touch I will work on that shortly.


  2. Will be tonight some next of my requests please ?

  3. Never, never that Josef could imagine this, there was special island, wear people could temporary to be someone else. This technology that created sorta clone bodies of other people. These bodies made out energy or light made flesh. So within a few short weeks there temporary bodies will fade, but Josef couldn't never imagine such things.
    How he know of such things, he not a elite, but sorta works for them.
    Josef had special skills and talents that elite needed. So he given a chance to be someone else for awhile.
    He always wanted that, why, he doesn't know. But what he wanted. Was be a girl actual girl. Why he wasn't sure. Maybe he never like to deal with people. Or was being curious that he never knew about it feels like.
    An now he was that change he became actual girl. With feeling and emotion to go with it.
    Was it the experiment to him. But it became more to him. It seems that he enjoys this new feminine body. As his time as a girl. Was at a end.
    But the problem that Josef like being a girl, he like being a girl. So he made deal to keep his newly feminine. Lucky his talent was still useful as a girl.
    All it does was to go he when to special island.

    1. You never know that it existed a special island. And the technology be another person. That you discover a special group people who has technology that make todays stuff. Like it was old vacuum tubes. Two you discover a part of you, you probably knew maybe. Then discovered you like it better than your old self.