Thursday, 10 June 2021

Is this How I make them feel?


Hey babe fancy getting a drink?

Tony who had been sentenced to a year as a woman as punishment for his sexual behaviour at work was not enjoying all the attention is new attractive female body was getting as he walk down the road from random horny men.


  1. Tony you been sentenced, for your punishment for being a louses to women. Since standard punishment. does not work. So with advance technologic, the committee decided to transfigured.
    Into a form a pretty young woman. You are now. You have been basic knowledge , and sexual comfort. Plus this watch, which is count down to end of your sentenced. And then you be reviewed. To either returned to your male self. Or added another year or to.
    So if you try to tell, you can't. Your programming will not aloud it.
    Plus if you try to remove it, you can't. And its a sensor, so it will judge how do or not do.
    Tony want to said something, but can't. So he was released, he check his watch, to see how long to go.
    As he started to walk outside. A strange guy, asked me if I wanted a drink. Part of me, wanted it. Another part of me, said no way.
    If that guy was a bit horny for me. Oh, great I have resist even drunk who might want me. And if I have a weak drunk moment.