Saturday, 15 May 2021

It's impossible.

Michael and Sarah the rich girl he work for found themselves in a crazy situation after being electrocuted by a faulty light switch.

Sarah who had a very important social event tonight was off her head.

She could not attend in his body so she was making him go in hers while she stayed at home trying to figure out how to undo it.

Michael did not want to go.

But after a lot of badgering by her he decided it would be easier to do what she told him then to fight her.

So he found himself having a crash course in how to be her.

She did his clothes and makeup and made sure he knew how to behave.

She gave him a pair of platform shoes to wear which he could not walk in.

She told him he had 3 hours to do so.

He told her it was an impossible task.

He asked if he could wear flats instead.

She just screamed at him ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE!.

She told him she would never be seen out in anything other than high heels.

She told him he better get it right and not embarrass her tonight as she watched him practicing in the garden.


  1. Michael and Sarah had a problem, Sarah was a rich girl, he was sorta her assistance, sorta her man Friday of sorts.
    But one day it happen, what happen was fantastic, impossible that happen to them. Flashes or light or sorta static electric in the air. Several minutes later it disappear, as suddenly as it happen . Like sunny shower of sorts.
    After they really the fantastic happen to them. Sarah concerted of what happen to them, but what she needed to be and do. Later this even.
    So Michael in Sarah body was still in shock, After and hour or so. Michael was slowly adjust to the fact. But Sarah was trying to figure out this situation. She needed to return to be herself. But without understanding the how and why. She was him.
    So she decided that Michael as her, would take her place instead .He didn't like the idea, but he didn't. It wasn't her fault as much as his.
    So he was given a sorta crash course not being a girl, woman, but more sophisticated one was different thing.
    So she choose the right clothes to wear, how to wear them, what kind of clothes. She did his makeup and hair proper.
    How to talk or what terms or how to say them properly What to do if they were question that he didn't know about.
    After an hour or so. he could walk and talk like her enough for the time being.
    And now it was the high heel test, to walk in them. He was okay in flats or low-heeled test. But now it was high-heeled test, or platform shoes which were four or five inches high. Which he had a problem from the start. He couldn't walk in them.
    Which thought was impossible.
    He asked that could wear low heeled shoes or flats.
    She said no, I been wear them, walking in them for the longest time. I been seem it those type of shoes for the longest time. Its more a trade mark. I know, I know it pain, but if your me, you have to stand-out.
    But, but I can't, I know its important, but I have been you a few hours. But wearing these shoes is another thing. A can probably fake it. But these shoes are different story.
    So decided to do because it hard to do. You think its easy for me.
    I can teach a trick, that could help in those shoes. So try.
    After she taught me, how walk in those shoes. Somehow I did, I did it.
    But I had to do it , several times, to see if I was at least fair, never mind good.
    But had to be good, very good.
    When and hour before the event , there was no more, practice. Michael really to be Sarah now.

  2. That's great, A.G.!!! So, does he get to enjoy the life of a spoiled party girl? Poetic justice? What does he have/get to do in her body to maintain her image?