Thursday, 8 April 2021

Having feelings for it

Tony had found himself in the body of a pregnant woman 4 months ago.

It was hard mentally and physically at first as no man expected to ever find out what it was like to be a woman or two experience pregnant themselves.

But after a lot of therapy he had come to terms with it.

He had even started to see his new body as his own.

He was even seeing the baby growing inside of him as his own.

He was even looking forward to becoming a mother now thanks to his ever-growing maternal instincts.


  1. Tony was that kind of person. Who do it. Actually transfer himself into another person. He choice, basically young woman, about around late-teenagers about 19 years old, or in there twenty or so. Maybe in there thirty.
    He choice those girls carefully the ones, that couldn't out why they lost a few hours or day or so.
    They thought that they took much drugs or drank to much.
    He done this for many, many years. And they found out. They never discovered a slight lost of money. A slight lost of time. They figure they drank to much, or there memories were fuzzy.
    Yes, Tony hobby was great. He could be so one else. He was careful.
    But until now, someone someway, he couldn't for it. He couldn't return to being himself again.
    As Tony checked. Did she take her pills.
    Then he check, to see if it, his/her mind is still fuzzy or something else.
    No, no, I'm, I'm f---king pregnant. I, I mean she must missed her period.
    Why, was this a problem. The first day or so, is never a problem.
    No, no if this is correct. She/I miss it about a week or week and a half.
    How, could this happen. She's/I'm pregnant. I'm freaking pregnant.
    How could this happen.
    I, I can't return to being myself. I stuck like this.
    I, I don't want to be pregnant. I don't to be a girl for a long period time.
    I, I don't want the problems of it.

    It was barely nearly four months or so. It took me nearly a month or so. For me, to adjust the fact I'm stuck like this, I'm a girl, a young girl. And now I'm starting to filly except it. I'm a girl, I'm pregnant. I am having a child. I'm not really sure that I really wanted this, I'm not really sure being a girl.
    For no more for a short time. Sure, it was fun, exciting to do it.
    But being a girl for a long period time. Is totally different experiences. Being pregnant is a different thing.
    I don't know if , I want to return being myself, being a guy again.
    I don't know if after the next four or five months I want to leave her.
    I feel that I am her, if I leave her body, will she memory this. Will she remember being pregnant. I feel that I am her.
    I feel that I want to raise this child, as am own. In sense it is. It is my child. Well our my and her. Well we are the same I think.