Wednesday, 3 March 2021

I can feel it moving?

Sarah told her husband Anthony that she needed him to pull his finger out and do a little bit more around the flat.

Anthony replied to her criticism of him with it's already started.
Sarah demanded to know what he meant by that.

Anthony replied complaining about how hard it is being pregnant.
Sarah did not like his tone or attitude.

Sarah looked at him & said I had promised myself when I got married I would not use my magic abilities again!

Anthony screamed what the hell have you done to me when he found himself suddenly in his wife's pregnant body.

Sarah looked at him and said I am a witch.

I swapped our places to teach you a lesson.

I want you to know what it is like to be in my shoes  for a while.

As long as you do not complain I will switch us back before my due date.

Anthony just stood there with his hands on his pregnant belly not sure what to do about this!


  1. What, what it happen to me.
    Well Anthony, a woman now, your me. And I'm you.
    How, how is probably.
    Well I'm dear. There are things you can't or won't understand.
    Why, why did you do this.
    Because I'm tired of you. Telling me that men are superior to women.
    That men are in charge and women are servant.
    That men are the givers of life. And women are bears of life.
    But your are the one, are to carry our child now.
    I, I don't want this.
    Sorry, the but the spell can't be reversed.
    But, but why.
    Because I want you see how it, is.
    I'll, I'll tell that, you switch bodies.
    Go ahead , if you do, no one, will care.
    That not true.
    Oh, no if you never been around someone who was pregnant.
    As Sarah told him this.
    As he felt his belly he could feel it in him. He feel something grow in his womb.
    I,I not like this feeling, I not want this.
    I'm sorry, but because your pregnant now. It is dangerous for you and the child.
    Anthony stood there with his hand on his pregnant. And he realized that for the next 6 or 7 months, Anthony was in Sarah body. And pregnant. He to go though the highs and lows of it.
    He will have go through this.