Saturday, 17 October 2020

She looks familiar?.. by Rhodry

I was a normal male for nearly twenty-five years, my day started out , so ordinally, so common. 

For some reason I decided to go to the mall. 

They were people it's not like it was crowded. 

There were just as many guys as well girls. 

Some were pretty and dressed better than other. 

Nothing really special. 

Then there was this girl. strangely erotic. 

For some reason, even I left the mall. 

I still couldn't get her out of my mind.

As the last light of the day. 

Is was two full moons this month. 

And it was the second full moon. 

And it was Halloween.

Then something strange happen, it was the light they blink out for a minute or some. 

Then I could see, again. 

Oh no, no. what happen to me. 

As I saw myself, or herself. 

I was that girl. Half naked, I'm in my lingerie, no her lingerie. 

Bra and panties, with thigh-highs. 

And a pair of high heels. 

And a strange object around my waist. 

A corset. She or no I wearing a corset too.

For some strange I was both scared and excited at the same time. 

I removed it, like I done, a hundreds times before. 

Then I looked at herself, myself in a mirror. 

In a room which was more luxurious than my place. 

As I stared at myself. 

Oh no, I'm starting to think of myself as a her. 

It's been staring about and hour or so. 

At her/me again. 

Its like I'm remember things which wasn't what my memories.

It was like I'm remembering thing not my own.

Then I saw a dress there, laying there on the chair, waiting for me. 

To put it on. 

It fit perfectly. 

Then I remembered I have something important to go. 

All I know, it that I saw this young man, in the mall. 

I seen to noticed him, I strangely remember something odd.

It's like a other person. 

But that can be!

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