Monday, 23 December 2019

Now I am her Part 2 : requested by Anonymous (Sunday)

Harry the next day text Ryan asking him to meet him in the art classroom.

Once there Ryan explained to a very confused Harry all about finding the magic lamp & how when he rubbed it a genie appeared before him.

Harry asked Ryan why he wanted to be Selena Gomez?

Ryan just looked at him & said who doesn't want to be her.

She is rich and beautiful.

Before Harry could ask any more question the school bell starts to ring.

It was time for there first class.

The students and the teacher on entering the classroom were a bit surprised to find see Selina Gomez sitting there talking to Harry .

The teacher looked at Selina and tells her just because your a celebrity does not mean you can get away with breaking the rules and entering a public school unannounced.
Ryan looks at her and says I am sorry.

I met Harry a couple of days ago and he wanted to show me some of his artwork and as I was in the area I thought I would just pop in.

I promise I will be no trouble I will sit here and just observe.

The teacher still not happy with the situation let Selena stay.

When the class was over Ryan really needed to go for a pee.

He got a hold of Harry & dragged him into the boys toilets forgetting for a moment he was now a girl.

Standing in the boys toilets Ryan says to Harry I know what my next wish is.

He pulls the magic lamp out of his rucksack.

He rubs the lamp and the boys toilets was filled with sweet-smelling smoke which improved it for Harry who was noticing for the first time how bad it smelt of piss in there

The Genie looked at Ryan and says mistress of the lamp what is your command.

Ryan says I wished that everybody in the world loves me & that I can get away with practically anything.

The genie with a nod of her beautiful head says your wish is my command.

Once again the pink smoke enveloped him and the world around him changed.

Once the mist vanished Ryan walked went back to the classroom were everyone including the teacher was ecstatic that Selena Gomez was at their school.

For the rest of the day Ryan was treated like a goddess, girls were asking for his autograph and boys were looking looking at him with lustful thoughts in there eyes.

A week after the wish happened the Principal  begged Selena Gomez to take over running the cheerleading squad which of course Ryan was only too happy to do.

Ryan got into his cheerleading outfit and asked the principal how he looked?

The Principal practically drooling over his body says you look absolutely beautiful Selina.

The principal welcomes Selina into the assembly hall where she gets a standing ovation.

Ryan decided that he would put a little show on.

Which made the audience go wild except for Harry who did not even wait for Ryan after the event.

Ryan saw Harry walking off and shouted for him but a girl in the cheerleading squad hugged him and prevented Ryan from going after Harry, leaving Ryan to be surrounded by people who adored him.


  1. could you do a Christmas caption where George wakes up to find a present from Santa at the end of his bed opening it he find a set of sexy lingerie inside and heels, taking them out the box the lingerie & heels fly at him and wraps around his body.

    George was now sitting on his bed in lingerie and heels but soon his body starts to tingle and he starts to transform slowly into sexy milf, his bra fills out, the bulge in his panties disappears and ass fills out and eventually hes on his bed with a body made for the lingerie.

    shocked at whats happened to him he checks out his new body but then his starts to tingle again but this time in his new vagina and he starts to get hornier and hornier till he cant take it anymore and takes of his new bra and panties and starts to masturbate.

    can use use a bunch of these pics please

    1. thank you for taking the time to get in touch Lady Stardust.
      I have added it to my list and I will work on them shortly.


  2. Sorry for the late response but I immensely enjoyed this part.

    For the next part Ryan is in a pool relaxing and enjoying the summer holiday, since being the head cheerleader Ryan hasn't seen Harry again but wants to meet up. So Ryan plans to send him a text to meet up at his own house where he has a surprise for Harry.

    Once Harry shows up to the house he quickly hurried in as it was getting close to night time, when he opens the door Ryan is laying on the chair and seductivly asks Harry how he was, Harry unsure of what is going on asked Ryan what this is about, Ryan says that he just wants to speak to Harry and asks him to sit down next to him as Ryan gets up and moves his long hair back.

    Ryan asks why Harry has been ignoring him and Harry responded saying that since you found that lamp you have not been yourself, Ryan then says that he chose Selena as he knew Harry had a crush on her and thought he would love having her as his friend, Harry says that he finds it too weird and just wants Ryan to be himself again, Ryan then asks if Harry wants to have the last wish then he can, and mentions that he could be a girl too.

    Harry quickly gets up and leaves Ryan's house, Ryan rushes to the doorand asks Harry to come back, but Harry says that he doesn't want to talk to Ryan again unless he fixes this mess, then Ryan has an idea as to what his final wish will be, so he shuts his door and hurries up to his attic, ready to say his third and final wish.

  3. Here are the gifs, thank you: