Tuesday, 12 December 2017

I wish this could last forever.

Jessie pause for a moment as he stepped out of the beach bungalow he had just spent a glorious night in.

He looked over his shoulder at the guy he had let pick him up at one of the resort bars and bring him back to his chalet for a night of strange but enjoyable sex which he was still feeling the aftermath of.

He stepped out into the cool morning air which made him regret for a moment not pulling his knickers back on.

But he wanted to leave the guy something to remember him by when he woke up.

With a feeling of self satisfaction & just a slight hint of guilt at what he had done last night in his temporary body he headed back to his chalet to freshen up before heading out on the pull once again as he had only 5 days left to enjoy this body before he went back to his fat overweight middle-aged man's body & back to his boring life as a salesman with a wife and three children who in his opinion did not appreciate all that he did for them.

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