Saturday, 19 January 2019

What's mum and dad going to say?

19-year-old Dennis who was now in the body of a 17 year old teenage girl knew he was in trouble.

His period was over a week late and despite checking his morning after pills he was not sure that he had taken 1 the morning after he had sex with his best friend / boyfriend Jeremy who did not like wearing condoms as he felt it desensitized to feeling of sex.

One for each of them.

Jessica could not understand why her father who was now in the body of a middle aged woman had bought so many condoms.

She had no idea he was planning to use his new found femininity to reward the boys of the local football team who he was still coach of if they won this Saturday's game.

Friday, 18 January 2019

No one will tell us apart: requested by Josef Zápotocky.

Josef had no idea when he picked up the glowing rock he found in the gutter that it would change his life forever as it transformed him into Megan Fox who he had a secret crush on & who he was now the spitting double of now.

A nice cup of tea: requested by Josef Zápotocky.

Josef  who was working at a care home often would confide his problems to a sweet little old lady Mrs O'Rourke who was only too happy to listen to his problems and give him advice.

One day really feeling down he confided to her that he had always felt like he was the wrong person.

He told her he felt like he should have been born Hayden Panettiere.

She offered him a cup of tea and told him everything would look better after this.

The tea tasted very bitter but he drank it out of politeness.

He felt very dizzy after drinking the tea and shut his eyes for a moment & was taken aback when he opened them and found himself standing in front of a bunch of paparazzi telling him to turn this way and that and smile at the camera.

It wasn't until he caught his reflection in one of the highly polished Windows of the building he was supposed to be going in that he realised he was now Hayden Panettiere.

Today's lesson.

Medical Officer Dr A Bert stood in front of the latest batch of male prisoners in women's bodies that was sent to him for re-education.

He knew they were frightened & still getting used to the fact that they were women just like he had 5 months ago.

He pointed out on the chart to them what everything & what its function was.

Just before he ended the lesson for the day he set them all a little bit of homework to do.

I want each and every one of you to go back to your bunks tonight and get to know your own chachas, okay?

In hope it would help them get over what they had lost.

Be a good boy and I will be back.

Robert stared  up at his own face with a twisted and demonic look on it as Melanie the young woman he had picked up last night and who had stolen his body chained him to a radiator in a disgusting looking apartment.

Melanie in Roberts body stared down at her own face as she put a piece of tape over her own perfect lips and said to the terrifyed Robert that should keep you nice and quiet until I get back from what I've got to do with your body and then I let you go free.

Robert had no idea as she left him there that she would never be coming back with his body as she was going to rob a bank and leave him to take the blame.

luckily for Robert not long after she left a vagrant who was using this building came across him and inform the authorities.

So as they were rescuing him at the same time halfway across the city there colleagues were battling it out with Melanie in Roberts body.

But sadly for him she was killed in his body during a police shootout leaving him trapped in her body for the rest of his life.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Too much pleasure is not a good thing.

After a week of feeling very uncomfortable between his legs.

Mr Williams who was now in the body of his sexy secretary decided to go and see the gynecologist just to make sure everything was alright down there.

He was a little bit embarrassed when she told him to take off his knickers climb onto the examination table put his legs in the stirrups and scoot down until his buttocks were touching the edge.

He felt even more uncomfortable when she started the examination prodding and poking everything down there.

She asked him about his recent sex life.

He tried not to look at her in the eye as he explained since ending up in this body 3 months ago he had practically masturbated every night with different sized objects.

She explain to him he had to be a little bit more gentle with a vagina then he did with a penis.

She told him it was only natural to feel pain down there after abusing it so much and told him not to play with himself for at least a month to give it time to heal

Mr Williams not liking the sound of that asked her what he was supposed to do when he got horny and was shocked when she suggested going out finding a guy & giving him a blowjob just like all the other women do.

Strawberry Thief.

Thomas was regretting stealing a strawberry off the top of his mother's cake as he found himself turned into a woman wearing a ridiculous outfit with an uncontrollable urge to throw a tea party for her and her friends who seem to know who he really was and was enjoying humiliating him.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

This is going to be different.

Mark is a standby pilot his job is to take over from pilots when they could not do the flight.

Usually he was based at Manchester Airport but today he had to take over for his colleague in Beijing who had just come down with food poisoning.

He had to use long-distance body swapping technology to get there in time and the only body available was a standby stewardess.

Which made things just that little bit more complicated as he had never travelled in a woman's body before let alone flew an aeroplane in one.

Pretty in Pink.

Sarah now in the body of a 35 year old man knew that she should not care about it anymore as it was not her body anymore but she could not help being horrified when saw what her 14 year old brother Allan who was in her body was planning to wear to prom.