Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Where are your knickers man ?

Richard could not really see what the problem was.

OK he had removed his knickers but they was so uncomfortable.
he could not see why his mother was making such a big fuss about it.

It wasn't like anybody had not seen a vagina before.

You better not try and rip me off!

Tony who was still getting used to the world of being a woman had taken his car in to have its brakes checked as they felt spongy this morning.

They had told him it would be a quick and easy job done in half an hour.

He had gone and got his hair done whilst he waited for a text message to tell him to come and pick up his car.

He received a message telling him that it would be a little bit longer than they thought it would be.

So he did a little bit of shopping and got his nails done.

Still no text message from them.

By now he felt they were taking the piss because he was a woman.

He left the mall and headed back to the garage.

He squatted down by the side of his car forgetting to keep his legs shut.

Which gave the person under the car a wonderful view up his dress.

He said to the person under the car haven't you fix that yet.

The young mechanic trying to fix his brakes looked at him.

Trying to keep his eyes from focusing on his open legs said sorry MISS.

I thought it was an easy job.

I don't know if you know anything about cars?

But it was a bigger job than I thought it was going to be

I will be done in about 10 minutes.

Tony stared at him and said before I got this body I used to do all my repairs and trust me if you're trying to rip me off just because I am a woman I will know.

Then he got back on his feet straighten down his dress and went to wait in the customer lounge annoyed by the treatment he was getting now because he was a woman.

Monday, 3 August 2020

Kicking back.

Anthony was really looking forward to Spring Break this year.

He just wanted to kick back and relax after all the stress and pressure of finals and the great shift putting him in the body of his beautiful stepmom Melanie.

I really think I'm going to relax.
I think this is just what I needed.
I think it won't be hard to get laid looking like this.

What do you think you're doing?

It was one thing to agree to be turned into a woman so your friend could show his ex-girlfriend he was doing alright without her.

But it was definitely not alright for him to rip your top off exposing your large breasts to everybody just to show her how much bigger they were than hers.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Ice Box: requested by Lady Stardust. (Sunday)

Arthur used to be a happy man.

His house was always a place of joy.

But that all changed when his wife died.

It wasn't long before rumors started circling the neighborhood that he had gone slightly mad in his grief.

He Stopped accepting visitors.

He no longer set out on his porch on a hot summer day.

He became a recluse.

Overtime children started believing the house was haunted & nobody would dare enter his garden.

Simon who had just moved to the neighborhood with his parents was playing a game of soccer with someone and a battlefield lads when he kicked the ball over the wall and into our back garden.

He was surprised by The Reluctant see of the other kids to go and get their ball.

They told him about the crazy old man living.

They told him they believed the house to be haunted.

Simon being the new Kid in the neighborhood wanted to show the kids how brave he was.

He told them he did not believe in that sort of thing as he climbed over the wall.

Now in the overgrown back garden he spots the back door which was slightly ajar.

Curiosity getting the better of him he decides to take a peek inside.

He slowly makes his way across the garden and up the creaking stairs and across the rotten porch.

He poked his head inside.

Seeing nobody about he walked carefully into the house.

He was amazed by how grimy everything was.

He was just walking down the corridor from the back door towards the front hallway when he heard The Voice shout out "You'll do nicely" which made him freeze in his tracks.

He tried to turn and Run but he was stuck to the spot.

He tried to shout out for help but words refuse to leave his lips and then everything around him went dark.

He awoke in a Square glass box.

He guessed he must have passed out.

He spots arrival old looking man sitting in a wheelchair staring at him from the other side of the room.

The man staring at him flicked a switch.

A speaker above him in the lid crackled into life.

A dry raspy voice comes through.

The old man explains to him that he was somewhat of a scientist and he had now spent the last 30 years of his life and his admit fortune perfecting his Lazarus device.

He continue to explain to him that his machine could turn any human into any other human.

He explained that he has been so lonely since his wife died.

He explains even though he cannot technically bring her back from the dead he could turn him into a facsimile and alter his mind enough that he would appear to be here.

Simon screams out but his words only reverberate around the Square glass box.

The old man flips a switch turning off the speaker before pulling a lever which fills the Square glass box with a freezing smoke.

7 days after being put in the giant test tube Simon is released.

At first he panics as he notices all the changes that had happened to him.

Girl in a Box - TV Tropes

But after a few minutes his mind stops caring about the changes.

His fairy reply for the feeling of love and caring for old man.

Who just like him was fully transformed.

Feeling uncomfortable. requested by Anonymous. (Sunday) Part 2

Scott watching the person now in his mother's body do a strip tease for him made him hard and confused.

He ran out of the house trying to forget what he had just witnessed.

He did not stop until he was safely back home.

Now back in his room he decided to go online and watch some pawn to help get rid of the images of his mother's naked body out of his mind.

He went to his usual site and was surprised to discover the nightmare was not over.

As he discovered how the man in his mother's body was making a living.

Hello my gorgeous he was out there?

I hope you are all eager to spend money to make me do nasty things.

$50 to masturbate with an aubergine!

Let me just go and see what's in the fridge.

Porn Addiction | Male Codependence

Why can I not stop watching this?

It turns me on them not knowing.... By Rhodry (Sunday)

She once a bank clerk several weeks ago. 

All the sudden she became a dancer/waitress at more high end club. Candy was acting strangely, but said she had to work out things. And then she has adjusting to routine. She smiled while checking her makeup and smiled to herself if they only knew.

Giving up the fight: requested by Anonymous. (Sunday)

Romeo sat in front of the full-length mirror and admired the gorgeous female body he was currently inhabiting.

He said to the struggling woman's mind.

If you do not stop fighting me and let me take full control of you.

I will take over your son's body and do awful things to him.

Sandra immediately stop struggling against his will and gave him full control.

She had no choice now but to be a passenger in her own body which was now doing things she could not stop.

Victoria Borodinova Beautiful blonde woman standing in the nude in front of  a vintage dresser for a boudoir photoshoot on Beautiful Women Homage |  Photographers and Models

Kristen Bell: requested by Josef Zápotocky (Sunday)

The last thing Josef remembered before waking up in a hospital bed was the out of control car coming towards him.

He was devastated when the doctor's told him he would never walk again

He put in a claim against the driver who was found to be drunk behind the wheel.

He claimed that he should be allowed to swap bodies with her as that was the only way that he could walk again.

The court ordered an immediate body swap as compensation for his injuries.

The Good Place Netflix | Kristen Bell on fandom and Veronica Mars - Radio  Times

AMY ADAMS?: requested by Josef Zápotocky (Sunday)

When Josef  bought a replica Golden Globe statue from a tacky looking souvenir store he did not know his life would change forever.

He did not know the statue he had bought was magical and would grant his wish to be a Golden Globe recipient.