Friday, 24 November 2017

Just get on with it.

Jonathan new to the joys of womanhood lay on the bed naked with his legs wide open in disbelief of what he was doing and said to his friend O fuck stop that & just stick it in as his friend Simon once again teased him with it.

Short end of the stick again.

Agent Johnson of the temporal department found himself once again in a woman's body after being sent back in time with his colleague agent Sampson to retrieve an alien artefact that should not be in that time period from Pete Malone a gangster and Kingpin.

They took an ancient an archaic form of travel known as a taxi to where the information told them the artefact was being held a small little cafe in Little Italy.

They knocked out the driver and shoved him in the boot so they could speak freely.

Agent Johnson pissed off with finding himself a woman again said why am I always the one who ends up in the woman's body.

Agent Sampson looked at him and said according to the briefing notes you are now in the body of Sarah Leigh the girlfriend of Pete Malone so you will have no problem getting close to him and keeping him occupied whilst I retrieve the item.

Agent Johnson looked at his colleague and said why am I always the one used as distraction as he removed the woman's knickers knowing by now that was the best way of keeping a man distracted.

Agent Sampson looked at him and said ok see you back here in 20 minutes before letting him out of the taxi & watching him walk across the cobbled streets to the cafe on the corner wherefore the next 15 minutes he was bent over a desk allowing his colleague to get the item and get out without being caught.

The two met up back in the taxi where with not too much difficulty worked out thanks to some basic training how the thing worked.

They drove to some waste ground and destroyed the item making sure it wouldd never fall into the wrong hands again and return to their own time leaving two bewildered people standing in the middle of waste ground wondering what was going on.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

I hope you're paying attention.

Richard's girlfriend Melanie was sick and tired of the rough way he played with her pussy.

She was sick and tired of the way he only thought about his own pleasure in the bedroom and wants he was done left her to finish herself off.

So she decided to teach him the proper way to satisfy a woman & the proper way to play with her pussy by taking him on a sexy weekend away to a couple swap retreat.

She just did not tell him that he would be spending the weekend in her body until they got there and they swaped bodies which really pissed him off.

Wants in their cabin she forced him to strip enjoying the intoxicating power of masculinity as she pushed him onto the bed so she could show him where he had been going wrong for so many years with just her thumb which blew his mind in so many different ways.

Just supposed to observe.

Dennis was only supposed to observe and not join in.

But being sent back in time and possessing somebody else's body was a real mind fuck especially when you have put in the body of a horny young woman which was too much for the scientist to handle.

Especially when the young woman's body he was in was in close proximity to its boyfriend which just made it go wild.

Which caused him to lose control and caused him to explore a lot more than just the culture of the time period he was in over and over again.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A little bit of herb.

Jason walked into his dorm room and spotted his friend and fellow great shift victim Simon lying on the bed in the fetal position with a hot water bottle press to his stomach.

Simon looked at Jason with tears in his eyes and said how do girls put up with this?

It feels like somebody is scraping my insides out with a rusty spoon!

Jason just looked at his friend and said I always find this works pulling a joint out of his knickers.

He stood there and lit up and took a long drag on it before handing it to his friend who gratefully accepted it and after just a few drags on it was all ready feeling a lot better.

Let's just do it.

Dennis stood in the doorway of his hotel bathroom in his girlfriend's body dressed only in a teddy and silk dressing gown he had bought her last Valentine's Day and asked her are you up for this?

Sarah lying on the bed in her boyfriend's body wearing just a pair of boxer shorts that resembled a tent at the moment just smiled at him and said what's the hurry we've got all weekend?

Dennis just looked at her and said just looking at myself in the mirror is getting me wet so why don't you show me how to properly make love to your body as he dropped the dressing gown and unpopped the fasteners on his teddy and joined his girlfriend on the bed where it did not take much convincing her to join in.