Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The only way he was allowed homw.

Scott stood there for his daily inspection.

His wife liked to make sure everything was perfect before setting him to work around the house as her perfect little French maid as punishment for doing a floozy he picked up in a hotel bar whilst on a business trip & who he ended up swapping bodies with thanks to the great shift.

Ladies don't scratch in public.

I shouldn't have listened to my wife Robert said to himself has he stopped looked around and shoved his hand into his pants and scratched his pussy that itched like a bitch after last nights bikini wax.

Monday, 21 May 2018

We shouldn't be doing this

Franc new to womanhood tryed to fight it.

But he just could not hide how much he was loveing his friends Simon's advances.

As he pressed his strong male body against his sexually charged female body and gently but firmly caressed his breasts.

With his strong male hands which had already got him dripping wet with anticipation of what was yet to come.

As he was sure that thing poking him in the crotch was his friends growing erection.

Did I used to live like this?

Filthy dirty animals!

There's no way I'm sitting on that and taking a piss.

Complained Dennis who now one months after the great shift had left him in the body of a woman which made him more sensitive to certain things in his life.

Like the state of the shared bathroom in the flat he lived in with 3 other guys who were still guys & living like animals.

Glad I still know how to do that.

Matthew now Brandy thanks to the great shift was out on the tiles with one of his many boyfriends who had been buying him drinks all night.

So thanks to his low alcohol tolerance he was easily getting tipsy and thanks to his tiny female bladder needed to go badly once again.

He could not wait for the ladies so staggered into the gents removed his knickers & positioned himself over the urinal and relieved himself to the astonishment of a couple of guys who walked in on him as he did so.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

I can't do that.

16 year old Dennis did not think his day could get any worse than waking up in his mothers body next to his horny father.

But little did he know after cooking breakfast and sending his father off to work and his mother off to school in his body he would experience something no guy wanted to experience.

Which started with feeling bloated and moody & just a little bit sensitive.

But it wasn't until he went for a pee that he discovered what was wrong with him.

So he had no choice but to phone his mother panicking and almost in tears.

His mother told him to stop being such a big baby and everything he needed was in the drawer in the bathroom.

Before hanging up leaving him standing there holding a box of tampons which he was going to have to use.

Which meant he was going to have to get a little bit personal & hands on with his mother's body & pussy which almost made him throw up in the sink.

Don't talk to my friends like that

Sams life had taken a slight turn for the worse since the great shift had put him in the body of a young woman who was not physically capable of doing his old job.

which had temporarily forced him into working as a waitress by day and a escort by night which he had kept secret from his new friends at his day job.

So he was humiliated when he bumped into his ex-girlfriend whilst out with his new friends at a bar & she asked them were they also prostitutes like her ex-boyfriend?

For reply he just looked at her and said.

Before walking back over to his friends who told him his ex-girlfriend was a bich & they did not care who he used to be or what he did in his own time.

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Its just sex nothing more.

Jonathan now going by Janine wished his friend Andy who had promised him when they started doing this it was just sex & nothing more would stop treating him like a woman & whispering sweet nothings into his ear as he fucked his brains out doggy style.

You will get used to the taste.

Jackie was determined to help her ex-boyfriend Allan to embrace being a woman and getting turned on by men which he was still found strange and disconcerting.

So after encouraging him to come with her to a nightclub where she got him quite easily tipsy so he would not argue when she picked a guy up and brought him home with them for a bit of fun.

Which led to him with just a little bit of encouragement from his ex-girlfriend to go down on the guy and sucked his first cock as a woman which thanks to the alcohol and his raging sexual hormones he enjoyed.

But the next morning waking up lying next to a naked man & coupled with the memories of what he did last night made him spell quite sick until he remembered how much he enjoyed it.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Bigger thicker and better than my old one.

When Graham's wife reminds him to make sure he's wearing rubber these days she doesn't mean a condom thanks to the great shift swapping them both with a horny kinky lesbian couple who loved plenty of toys in the bedroom.