Tuesday, 21 August 2018

He's better than it then she was?

James now a woman was made to dress like a french maid and work for Allan his ex-best friend as punishment for sleeping with his wife & ruining his marriage wondered as he polished his friends family jewels when his friend would forgive him & would turn him back into himself.

Even taking a shower turns me on!

Scott was really trying not to enjoy taking a hot shower in his sister's body but there was just something about the way the water cascaded down her body and across her perfect breast & excited her sensitive nipples that made him just want to do a little bit more exploring.

Monday, 20 August 2018

The Wishing Well another chapter Part 3 Requested by Lady Stardust.

Part 1
Part 2

For hundreds of years ever since the burning of Rachel Sanders for witchcraft and heresy and her smoldering body was thrown down the old well the villagers of dark Water had been troubled by its wishing curse.

As anybody who made a wish in the well ended up getting the wish of the person before them which meant by now the village was inhabited by the strangest collection of people.

But now on the brink of the new millennium the villagers decided it was time to stand up against the curse and destroy the cursed wishing well.

The village folk with sledgehammers and pickaxes made their way into the woods led by there priest reading the lords prayer.

They entered the clearing where The Wishing Well stood and set upon it with an unholy fury.

But The Wishing Well was protected by magic and fought back against its attackers and released a plume of built-up magic which caused the village folk all to change.

The priest father Mulligan found himself transformed into a naked heavily pregnant woman with only motherhood on his mind.

75 year old Sander the local barkeep found himself in the body of a lactating mother which was fortunate as 33year old Sarah the village Constable found herself in the body of a toddler who instinctively knew Sander was her mother & the two of them instinctively latched onto each other.

15 year old Matthew found himself transformed into a young Asian woman with only one thing on his mind SEX!!!

60 year old Mavis who runs the local greengrocers was happier than most with her transformation as she found herself in the body of a gorgeous young woman something she had never been even in her youth.

13-year-old James who was told to stay away was now regretting not doing what he was told as he found himself transformed into a naked old woman with sagging tits.

28 year-old Daniel now Rebecca one of the hottest women in the village and a former victim of the well was grateful to be a man again he just wished he wasn't such an old one.

Struggling with their transformations the villages did not notice the wishing well crumble and fall in on itself until there was a loud explosion and a plume of dust and the wishing well vanished from the village leaving them all trap the way they were.

Quis hoc facit maledicam vult voluntate vellemus pati veniens occurrit eis.

Requested by Lady Stardust.

He cannot hide in the past for me.

Time travelling cop Jon looked at himself in the mirror and said not another freaking woman as he admired the female body he was now possessing for his mission into the past to locate a rebel spy.

Cash in hand.

Robert needed money to support his family.

But his lack of education and his criminal convictions were not helping him in his job search.

He was so desperate for work that he decided to sign up with an agency that offered fast cash.

He told his wife he had gotten a job as a night watchman.

But that was just a cover story.

As how could he tell his wife he had become a bodysuit prostitute.

So embarrassing.

19 year old Jason now in the body of a 15 year old Rebecca his sister's best friend was really hoping nobody would see him out in his new body that he was still getting used to with his mum at the mall buying a training bra.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

The other side of the TV: Requested by Josef Zápotocky

Single mother Rebecca struggling to cope with being a single mother.

Whilst her son Albert was at school she would sit down to watch her favourite sope the Gilmore Girls as a reward for doing all the housework.

One day in a very bad mood she screamed at the TV why cannot my life be like there's!

Within a blink of an eye she found herself sitting on the couch in lorelei's home watching TV and eating popcorn with her son who was now in the body of Rory & who did not seem to be bothered by there change.

Requested by Josef Zápotocky

My Guinea Pigs: Requested by Anonymous.

Richie had always been an outsider.

He never fitted in with any of the clicks at school and even now in his adult life working for MIT.

So his team leader Aaron and his three colleagues Grant, Marissa, Shawn were surprised when he invited them to his house to look at a project he had been working on in his spare time.

Which was something they would all regret.

As the project he had been working on in his spare time was a device that would rewrite the human DNA code and could turn anybody into anybody he wanted.

Grant was turned into Karen Gillan & was forbidden from ever getting dressed & had to wait on him hand and foot all day & night.

Marissa was turned into Emma Watson & was made to try on outfit after outfit day after day for his pleasure whilst one of the other "girls" took pictures for his private collection.

Shawn was turned into Ana De Armas & was made to be Richie's personal bath toy.

Aaron was turned into Ellen Page & was made to dress up for his pleasure.

Requested by Anonymous.

Had it with him taking me for granted.

Jennifer now in her husband's body looked at her husband in hers and said.

Right honey when I get home from work I want to see the house clean dinner on the table and you ready to satisfy me like I did every day for you and if you do enough to please me I will swap us back with no real intention of ever going back to being a housewife.

Matthew what are you doing?

No matter how hard Matthew tried to become the perfect little lady his mother expected him to become now that he was a woman thanks to the great shift some little aspects of his old masculinity still existed especially after a couple of beers which really annoyed her.