Sunday, 21 October 2018

Blog Update 21.10.18.

Hi there readers I usually go away for a week in September but this year due to family emergencies and work commitments I have had to move my holiday to October so between the dates 21 to 26 of October so there will be no uploaded stories.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


It's my turn to give it.

Richard knew his girlfriend used to be a guy before the great shift put him in a woman's body.

He could get used to some of her still doing guy things like scratching ones genitalia in public, farting in bed and taking the newspaper with her into the bathroom.

But he was not sure that he could get used to this one as she introduced him to her little friend who she like to use when the red flag was up.

God thats good.

Ever since landing in this woman's body Patrick  had been curious about sex from the female perspective

He did not think he would enjoy giving a guy a blowjob one bit.

But now on his knees with his mouth and hands wrapped around his friend Alan's hard cock which he was gently bringing to the point of climax Patrick had to admit to himself as he felt the dampness in his knickers growing it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be.

Something to think about later.

Scott now in the body of Mary his swap class partner quickly stripped off and followed the rest of the girls into the shower's

Trying to ignore the sea of naked female bodies in front of him as he tried to get on with what he was there to do.

Glad for the first time that day he did not have his dick between his legs as it would have given him away.

Sounds complicated.

Patrick did not know if the book was going to help him undo what his stepmother had done to him but he had no choice but to try it and see as he could not envision spending another night sleeping with his own horny father.

Who made his stepmother's body quiver with sexual anticipation which he was sure he could not ignore for long which meant giving In and having sex with his father something he definitely did not want to do.


Jeremy was regretting now not listening to his mother who had warned him not to mess around with his recently deceased great grandmothers belongings in the attic.

As no sooner she was out of the house he was up there rifling through it looking for things of value to sell to feed his drug habit.

he found a strange looking wooden casket that he thought was a jewellery box.

That had written upon it Si tu non es indignus accipient prolixius iudicium.

It had four locks on it which were not hard to break off.

He opened it.

All that was inside was a small gold and amethyst necklace.

The minute he touched it the strangest thing happened to him.

He was enveloped by a great white light.

He found himself thrown back in time into the body of a young beautiful blonde woman.

Who was just being prepared for sale in what he later found out to be a Roman market in Londinium.

Whilst the soul of the woman that had been trapped in the amulet frozen at the point of her greatest despair finally found itself free & in the body of a young man in the 21st century finally free of the bondage she had suffered and which he was now suffering.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

What am I going to do now?

As he stared down at the positive pregnancy test 15-year-old Thomas now in the body of a 16-year-old teenage girl was really regretting giving into peer pressure and letting his best friend lose his virginity to him. 

Could have played for England.

Former up-and-coming junior League football star 16-year-old Alan knew it was not ladylike to show the men on the photo shoot that despite getting the female body of a fashion model who's career he carried on.

Some of his old soccer skills even though it meant kicking off his high heels and showing a little bit more leg then was decent.

Friday, 19 October 2018

It's like cheese wire.

As he did his best to remove them Peter did not know why his girlfriend had to wear such uncomfortable underwear on the day they swapped bodies as part of there couples swap therapy program which was supposed to show them each other's point of view.

There's nothing gay about it.

Sam and Richard were new to the complicated & crazy world of being young women.

Sam needing a little bit more than just his own fingers between his new legs tried his best to encourage Richard it was not gay for them both to make out with each other whilst at the same time taking hold of his friends hand and placing it on one of his breasts in hope that would encourage him to explore further.