Tuesday, 23 July 2019

He's gone for good....

Martin and his daughter Rebecca were getting on like a house on fire these days which wasn't always the case.

Rebecca shouted at her father one night (you don't know what it's like to be a teenage girl you don't know what we have to put up with) because he would not let her go out in a outfit which was a little bit too revealing.

She stormed up the stairs and before slamming her bedroom door said I wish you could know what it is like to be a teenage girl.

Something strange happened that night.

He found himself the next morning somehow transformed into a teenage girl.

He was now a teenage girl physically emotionally and mentally.

He saw the world through a teenage girls eyes.

He felt a teenage girls uncertainty with her changing body and the world around her.

He had no choice but to rely on his wife and his daughter to teach him how to be a teenage girl until whatever had happened to him reversed itself and turned him back into his old self.

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Which as you can see two years down the line had not happened and he and his daughter were now best of friends and sisters and his wife had come to the conclusion she was never getting him back after she caught him making out with a boy.

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Be careful who you insult.

When a stone hit the back of Winifred's head she said to herself I am not going to take this anymore.

She turned around and looked at the young man who had just through the stone at her.


Feeling cocky the teenage boy just looked at her and said what can you do you're just a filthy gypsy.

She bent down and picked up the stone that had hit her in the head.

She pulled out a slingshot.

She took careful aim and shot the stone back at him.

As It flew through the air she looked at him and said see how you like being the centre of attention.

The stone hit the teenage boy between the eyes disorientating him for a moment.

Which was why he did not notice what had happened to him straight away.

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Monday, 22 July 2019

The magic wand part 8: Requested by Lady Stardust. (Sunday)

So now almost 8 months after taking over the entire town Tony was relaxed enough to spend his days pleasuring himself in his harem of beautiful women who used to be men and lawyers.

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Lost in a world of power & pleasure Simon was feeling safe with his own female soldiers to protect him. 

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He was not expecting any resistance from anybody not yet transformed.

He did not know that there was out there an underground organised band of freedom fighters who wanted to stop him and what he was doing.

That was until one of them was caught and manipulated by the magic wand to tell him everything he knew about the underground resistance.

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It's down the rabbit hole for you:requested by Anonymous (Part 1)

Ryan's head was spinning.

He looked around the strange colourful world he found himself in.

He try to gather his thoughts as he sat on the green grass but it was difficult with all the noise going on.

He struggled to his feet taking in his body for the first time.

Which confirmed what he already feared.

His girlfriend had used her black magic again to make sure he knew everything about this film so he would not embarrass her again at the Disney fun quiz.

He knew what he had to do to undo what she had done to him as this was not the first time she had done it to him.

But he was not sure that he wanted to undo what she had done to him this time.

As he felt it might be better staying as Alice in Wonderland instead of going back to her and letting her do this to him again.

Myleene Klass: requested by Anonymous (sunday)

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Tony who was still coming to terms with what had happened to him 5 months ago smiled as he walked out of the building at the waiting photographers who were waiting there for him to get the latest picture of his female celebrities baby bump.

Una healy - Vsnessa white: requested by Nariko (Subday)

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Vsnessa white was missing her body & was missing being pregnant but after a freak electrical storm that hit the recording studio she was using that day caused her to switch bodies with another celebrity artist she had no choice but to pretend to be her until they could undo whatever had happened to them.

Una Pregnant 1 by scotishjoker1

Una healy was finding it hard to be somebody else.

She was finding it hard to suddenly be pregnant especially with a massive music tour she now had to do.

But after a freak electrical storm hit the recording studio she was using that day caused her to switch bodies with another celebrity artist she had no choice but to pretend to be her until they could undo whatever had happened to them.

She just hope they did that before the baby came as she was not looking forward to pushing one of those things out.

Daisy Ridley: requested by Anonymous (Sunday)

Ryan had no idea as he sat in front of his computer completely naked with a washcloth and a bottle of lube that tonights masturbation session was going to change him for the rest of his life.

He had no idea when he clicked on a beautiful sexy image of Daisy Ridley that's something strange would happen the minute he came and he would find himself in her body.

But that was what had happened to him.

After the initial freaking out and panicking that he was in somebody else's body Ryan started looking on the positive side of things.

He had no idea how long this was going to last so he was going to have a bit of fun and spent the entire first night and morning in her body masturbating her brains out.

Little did he know it was for life and this was now his body.

After the first 3 months of being her the fun had started to wear off.

He found it increasingly hard to satisfy her body

It wanted something he could no longer give it.

But luckily for him with her body he had no trouble finding somebody to help him out.

Especially when he dressed up and played naughty for them.

Julianne Hough: requested by Josef Zápotocky. (sunday)


Josef  was over the moon when he discovered his first client was the girl of his wet dream fantasies.

He could not believe he was going to be alone with her body for an hour whilst he did her workout routine.

He was even more surprised when he found out after an hour of sweaty workout she was running late and he was going to have to shower and dress her body for her to pick up.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Do what you just did again...

Tony  now in the body of Rebecca his young attractive secretary whose body he had ended up in thanks to the great shift lay there with a man between his legs licking nibbling and teasing his pussy lips and clitoris.

He had never felt anything like this.

He never imagined a woman's pleasure could be so good.

He never imagined a woman's clitoris could be so powerful as his female body was rocked with waves of pleasure like he had never felt before as a man.

Which helped him forgive the great shift for taking away his manhood as he was learning quickly being a woman was a great thing.

It's annoying but fun...

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As Robert lay on the sun lounger catching a few rays he could not help saying to himself.

This was supposed to be a relaxing holiday.

It was supposed to help me on the unwind from the stress of work.

It was supposed to let me get away from my life and experience a bit of fun and something different.

It was doing all that but not in a way he was expecting.

As he ended up in the body of a heavily pregnant woman.

Which was definitely something he had not expected.

But which was giving him plenty of new experiences of the joys and discomforts of being pregnant.

But the biggest thing he found strange about being a pregnant woman was the amount of men that found him sexy even though he felt like a beached whale lying out there sunbathing and checking who he was going out with tonight.