Thursday, 30 March 2017

When did this start becoming normal?

James looked down at his gorgeous girlfriend he was straddling trying to ignore his morning excitement poking him through his knickers which was making him wet.

With all the extra time it took to get ready in the morning he had no time for this.

But he was still turned on from last night and said whilst removing his bra ok just a quickie.

The man gently but firmly put him on his back pulled off his knickers with his teeth and made glorious and frenzied passionate love to him.

Which made him almost an hour late for work and gotten him in trouble with his supervisor. 

But he felt it was definitely worth it.

Taking a peek.

James had no idea why he was suddenly a woman.

He was a little bit freaked out but like a lot of men suddenly finding themselves women he could not resist taking a peek.

He pulled down the collar of her top surprised and relieved that she was not wearing a bra.

He looked down at one of the perk breasts that was now in front of him hanging from his chest before shaking his head to get the hair out of his eyes and noticed for the first time there was a man sitting opposite him smoking a cigarette and enjoying what he was seeing.

Which made him smile with nervous tension as he popped it back into his top.

Swap class partners and friends.

Tony and Melanie two friends since childhood were swap class partners.

Melanie had been looking forward to finding out what it was like to be a man to be able to stand up and pee and shoot come.

Tony on the other hand was not really interested in learning what it was like to be a woman.

He did not want to know the inner workings of a female body but it was the easiest way of getting extra credits and bringing up his failing scores.

They met after school at Melanie's house in each other's bodies which was a little bit strange to lay down some basic ground rules.

Tony just lay on the bed in an uncomfortable blue dress listening to Melanie's list of do's and don'ts.

She did not mind him masturbating but she did not want him to put it about town whilst neglecting to tell him that he would not enjoy it for long as her Aunt Flo was in town and she like to put a stop to that.

Tony told Melanie she could practically do whatever she liked in his body as long as she did not knock some girl up or get him an STD.

He looked at his own body and smiled before saying ok enjoy your penis whilst I enjoy my pussy and if I need a hand with it I'll give you a shout which just made Melanie stop what she was doing in surprise.

Melanie look down at her body on the bed that was giving her a boner and said enjoy my vagina and I will enjoy my penis before leaving to go and play with herself leaving Tony to do the same whilst he was able to.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Formula x y x.

Who's been eating my formula shouted an angry and pissed off Simon as he held up two bags of what look like cold scrambled eggs.

Which were in fact a very highly concentrated mixture of male and female hormones and a few other secret ingredients which combine together gave you the ability to change gender for a few hours.

Martin his best mate said by the looks of things you have.

As he and the rest of the science science ogled the gorgeous female body their friend was sporting.

Simon just looked at him and said yes I had half a bag last night of the refined stuff that gives you 24 hours of playtime.

But whoever's been eating the roar product is in serious troubls

It only lasts for 4 hours before it turns you back to your normal self.

If they only knew they would probably be laughing at his situation.

As at this moment downtown in a very posh and fancy restaurant there friend Richard was standing in the ladies bathroom in a red dress with a skimpy thong cutting into his balls & freaking out that he had just turned back into a man with the worst stomach ache he had ever had in his life.

And just to add insult to injury he had left his purse  with his cell phone in at the table with the cute hot guy who had picked him up .

So at the moment he was screwed.

Unable to tell her how uncomfortable he was.

Tim stared at the cute little face of the woman he loves.

The face that was now his face ever since swapping bodies with her in the great shift.

He stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror and said I miss fucking you.

It's just not the same this way around.

He stood there for about 5 minutes just staring at his new reflection before finishing off his nightly routine.

Before going to join his girlfriend in his body for another night of uncomfortable and freaky sex with himself which was something he was still having difficulty wrapping his head around.

Swap class water blast.

Jake never thought the first time he would get to finger a girl's pussy he would be in the girls body.

But thanks to swap class he was now in the body of a 16 year old girl for the next two weeks.

He did not know how he had managed to keep his hands off himself for the rest of the school day.

But he was so relieved when the school bell rang and he could head home.

It was weird walking home as a teenage girl.

There were things bouncing and jiggling all over the place.

He was relieved when he finally made it home and his parents were out.

He kicked off the girls shoes at the door and ran upstairs in his stocking feet.

He locked himself in his bedroom and dug out his hidden porn collection.

He plugged the USB stick into the computer and put on his favourite AVI.

He pulled off the girls knickers and jumped on the bed.

It was so completely different from getting a hard-on.

It was all warm wet and excited as he sat on his bed stroking the pussy he now had trying to find that certain spot that would send him to the moon.