Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Be my first.

Samuel's new female body kept on reminding him it had needs that he could no longer satisfy on his own.

So he asked his friend Sarah who was now a man if she would take his cherry.

Which of course Sarah now a horny man was only too pleased to do.

Sarah started off by showing him the correct way to caress a woman's breasts.

Which got his juices flowing almost immediately fencing.

Which caused him whilst making out to start playing with himself which got Sarah extremely hard.

Sarah pulled off her clothes and told him she was going to give him a tonguing that he would never forget as she went down on him.

Samuel screaming and moaning amazed by the waves of pleasure rushing through his body told Sarah that he was ready for her to take him.

Uncomfortable at first Simon let out a little moan of pain as her cock slid between his pussy lips entering him for the first time.

But once he started to relax & allow himself to be taken & get into the rhythm of it it became one of the most incredibly pleasurable experiences he had ever experienced in his life.

Which made him feel incredibly bold.

He rolled Sarah onto her back and started riding her like a pogo stick squealing as he slid up and down her hard throbbing member as she nibbled his nipples.

Which after 30 minutes of incredible love making resulted in both of them coming at the same time

Which made everything he had gone through in the 5 months after the great shift worth it for Scott as his body was rocked by the orgasmic pleasure of a female orgasm.

Maybe she's right it's not so bad after all.

Alan had finally given into his new bodys desires and his girlfriend's demands let her show him that being a woman wasn't all bad.

He lay on the bed in just his underwear feeling vulnerable as he had never been the submissive partner in there love making before.

He let his girlfriend pull off his knickers revealing his beautiful pussy.

He watched as she went down on him and started nibbling teasing sucking and licking his pussy lips. 

Which sent the most incredible waves of pleasure through his body which made him gasp and moan with pleasure as he started to relax and allow himself to be dominate by her.

He could not believe the incredible things his girlfriend was doing to him with just her tongue.  

He spread his legs wider and completely lost himself in the moment of it all.

His girlfriend looked up from his pussy and said to him now you're good and wet should we move on to something else?

She got up and lay next to him with the taste of his pussy still on her lips and kissed him before shoving four fingers deep into his dripping wet hole which made his toes curl with pleasure.

Monday, 19 February 2018

What was I frightened of?: Request Caption.

my life took a drastic change when I became a woman in the great shift.

On top of having to get used to somebody else's body I had to get used to being a woman and being attracted to men.

It took me some time and plenty of self exploration to get to the point where I was ready to finally lose myself to a man.

I did myself up to the best of my abilities short skirt crop top high heels and a little bit of makeup and hit up one of the local clubs where I had my ass pinched every time I walk through the crowd and hundreds of men hitting on me with cheesy chat-up lines.

After an hour of bad chat up lines and several drinks I was finally relaxed enough to let the next guy who bought me a drink and tryed to chat me up to get lucky.

I ended up back at his place nervous and frightened as I had never given myself to anybody before.

I let him undress me kissing and caressing me as he did so.

I let him suck on my nipples making me wet almost instantaneously.

Before I unzipped his trousers and we got down to the real stuff.

I climbed onto the bed on all fours & let him take me from behind.

The sensation of having a guy's slide his dick between my pussy lips was incredibly enjoyable despite the initial shock of it.

Which caused me to bite my bottom lip in pleasure trying to stop myself from moaning too loudly as he pounded away behind me sending shockwaves of orgasmic pleasure through my body which was like nothing I had ever felt before.

We both came at the same time and dripping wet lying in a puddle of my own juices leg still numb from it all I could not believe I had waited so long to try something so incredible.

Requested by Anonymous

Unbelievably marvellous: Request Caption

To say josef was surprised when he suddenly found himself lying in the sun in a little blue bikini in Selena Gomez's body would be an understatement.

But at the moment he did not have time to panic or wonder why it had happened as he rifled through her beach bag looking for her room key so he could go & explore her body.

Requested by Josef Zápotocky.

Different sort of education:: Request Caption

16 year old Richard had always been fascinated by Japan's culture and its manga comics which was the main reason behind him signing up for an exchange program.

Where your consciousness was put into the body of a Japanese person whos consciousness would be put into your body so you could experience life in a different country.

Richard was really hoping he would get a male body to spend the next year in.

But the only person at the moment wanting to spend a year in America was a 16 year old Japanese girl named Marina Nagasawa.

Not wanting to wait another year he accepted the swap and found himself three days later after having his mental consciousness transferred into the body of a Japanese schoolgirl getting dressed for his first day as her which he found very confusing to do.

He found his first day at a Japanese all girls school very confusing and strange.

To him the school curriculum basically seem to be only teaching him how to be a girl & the many different ways he could please a man.

Which seemed like complete nonsense to him.

But by the end of the day it hed become the most important thing to him.

So when the teacher gave out blowjob homework assignments he was determined to do his best for her despite the nagging voice in his head that kept on reminding him that this was not normal.

So with the rest of his classmates they headed straight over to the boys academy where they all picked out a boy to practice their homework on.

But for Richard things got a little bit out of hand and he did a little bit more homework than he was supposed to as he let the boy have his wicked way with him more than once whilst the rest of his classmates watched.

Requested by Anonymous

Wishing to be part of it.

It wasn't every day that your son and his girlfriend swapped bodies with the hot lesbian couple living next door.

It wasn't every day you found yourself back in a horny teenage boys body.

So when you heard moaning coming from the bathroom that you knew was your son getting freaky with his girlfriend you could not stop yourself from spying on them through a gap in the door they had forgot to lock.

Which got you so hard you had no choice but to masturbate there and then jealous of your son's girlfriend's fingers who got to be knuckle deep in his soaking wet pussy.