Monday, 29 May 2017

Just getting over it.

Jake could not help smiling as he stood in front of the mirror drying his hair.

He could not help thinking back as he got ready for his date how much he used to rebel against his new body & how if somebody had told him 11 weeks ago he would enjoy being a woman he would have laughed at them.

He was one of those men who refuse to accept his new body and gender.

He tried to continue living his life as he used to be but finding the world a harder and tougher place for a man trapped in a woman's body trying to be a man.

But thankfully he had gotten over his stupidity.

He had stopped crying over what he had lost unable to see what he had gained.

He decided just to accept the facts of the situation he was a woman and it was futile to fight it.

Once he realised that he started enjoying his new gender in every conceivable way.

Which helped him see the positives outweighed the negatives especially when it came to pleasure.

Loving being a woman.

James was one of those people who were happier with their new gender.

He actually like being a teenage girl more than he did being a teenage boy which was strange as he never felt like that when he was a teenage boy.

He liked having tits and a pussy, feeling sexy and having men drool over him.

He quickly discovered the delights of sex as a woman.

With his new body he could have anybody he wanted and he did.

He just wished he paid a little bit more attention to protection especially seeing the trouble he had got himself into.

Just a bit of revenge.

Jackie was going to get her little brother back for taking pictures of her while she was getting changed and selling them to his  friends.

But for her plan to work she needed her boyfriends cooperation.

Her boyfriend was not thrilled with the idea himself when she explained it to him.

But he would do anything to keep his girlfriend happy so that night they got down to a bit of fooling about.

She got on her knees and started sucking her boyfriend's hard cock and when he gave her the nod letting her know he was at the point of coming she used the spell she bought online and swapped bodies with her brother.

Who did not enjoy finding himself with a mouthful of cock in his naked sisters body.

He opened his mouth and pulled back just at the point his sister's boyfriend came and got a face full which repulsed him.

He sat on the floor dripping wet from sweat and sexual juices covered in his sister's boyfriend's come wondering how she had done this.

He sat there for a good five minutes before he found himself back in his own body naked standing in the streets swinging from a signpost.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

All the evidence.

Despite Michelle's best efforts she could not stop herself from doing it.

It was like her body was possessed and she was just a passenger along for the ride.

She was horrified by what she was doing she could not believe she had just stripped off her clothes & lay down on Mr Phillips her bosses couch before taking out his cock and started to suck on it.

It was the most horrible 20 minutes of her life as she lay there sucking a way disgusted by the way her body got turned on by it.

She was disgusted by the way whoever was doing this to her swallowed every drop of his seed when he came something she usually refuse to do.

She was determined to find out when she got her body back who had done this to her

Unaware she was just being used by a Private Eye who had possessed her body to get evidence of Mr Phillips cheating behaviour for Mrs Phillips who did not care what methods he used.

Stress relief.

I had only signed up to swap class as it was the easiest class to take to get my grades up.

I was not looking forward to spending a week as a girl especially seeing as I had only recently discovered the delights of being a teenage boy with the help of my dad's old Playboy magazines.

It's a strange experience giving up your body and finding yourself in somebody else's.

After I got over the initial panic of the swap and the usual adjustment to what had just happened to me I was sent home.

Like the rest of my classmates I was given the weekend to adjust to my new situation before Monday morning and returning back to school.

I was just grateful to get home.

My head was spinning and I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack.

It had been one strange & stressful day and I just wanted to relax.

I sat on my bed in the body of Kate my swap class partner trying to get used to the feel of it.

But everything felt strange and alien to me.

I was not used to having a wet vagina between my legs or a pair of breasts hanging from my chest.

I tried to calm myself down but only ended up stressing myself out even more worrying about being a teenage girl.

All hot sweaty and clammy I decided I would take a long hot soak in the bath.

Which in hindsight was not the cleverest move I made that day.

I struggled out of her tight fitting jeans knee high socks & tight fitting t-shirt.

I slowly pull down her knickers ceremoniously in front of the mirror.

This was the first real vagina I had ever seen it was beautiful and wondrous and I just wanted to stand there and play with it.

It took all my willpower to resist it's delights.

I struggled for a good 10 minutes trying to get out of her bra before I finally managed to release them.

I walked from my bedroom naked to the bathroom noticing for the first time how different everything moved.

I stepped into the bath and lowered myself gently into the warm water.

I was surprised by how it made me feel.

I just intended on having a bath but once I started rubbing the soap all over my firm soft female flesh the strangest thing happen to me.

I started getting turned on.

I was surprised by the intensity of it all.

I did not know girls felt this horny and before I knew it I was paying a lot of special attention to that portal of pure bliss that was now between my legs.

Which in the end did have the desired effect of relieving me of all my stress and made me feel wonderful all over.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

I'll get you for this.

Thomas was getting frustrated with Stephanie his swap class partner.

It was like she always knew that he was up to no good.

She always seemed to be following him around.

The only time he could get any peace at school was when he nipped into the ladies where her friends kept an eye on him.

Even back home in the peace and safety of his own bedroom she seemed to know when he was doing something nasty to her body.

Every time he tried to get a bit of alone time with it and explore its more sensitive areas she would just happen to phone that moment spoiling his mood and putting a stop to what he was doing.

But this time he was not going to let her spoil his fun.

With one hand firmly planted between his legs playing with the Beautiful Folds of her pussy he answered the phone with the other and once he heard her voice he let out a strangled moan of pleasure just to let her know what he was doing.

She yelled at him down the phone to stop what he was doing which justed seem to turn him on more to her annoyance.

She screamed I will get you tomorrow for this and hung up on him leaving him to his pleasure.