Friday, 11 August 2017

The start of a happy relationship.

Matthew mutually agreed to swap bodies with his friend Jennifer for six months.

He did not really want to be a young woman but she desperately wanted to be a young man & see what life was like from the other side of the gender fence.

Matthew did not like the idea of being a woman having a period or being able to get pregnant but he was willing to do anything to help his friend out and make her happy as he had a massive crush on her but for the sake of the friendship he never brought it up.

Jennifer on the other hand could not wait to have a cock between her legs to be able to shoot come across the room and stand up and pee at a urinal no longer waiting hours in a queue for the ladies room with crossed legs.

The first few days after they swapped bodies was difficult on both of them getting used to their new bodies and their new lives as each other.

Matthew did not mind  working Jennifer's waitress job and living in her rather small and messy apartment whilst Jennifer was living in his small downtown apartment working for Costco stockings as a supervisor.

They both agreed to meet once a week for coffee and see how each other were doing.

Jennifer fell  straight into the role of being a man and she loved it Matthew on the other hand was hating being a woman hating the way people treated him the way his female body was always on the brink of a nervous breakdown and the fact just 3 days after becoming Jennifer he was already experiencing his first menstrual cycle which to him was the most unpleasant thing he had experienced in his life.

But as the days turned into weeks & the weeks turned into months they got more familiar with their new bodies.

Jennifer was out every night sleeping with a different woman and even though Matthew was not ready to date a man he had found the joys of masturbation with a dildo and was loving it.

Matthew even started dressing more feminine wearing makeup which surprised Jennifer on their next meeting and instead of  just having a coffee they decided to go out and have a meal together and then on to a nightclub with a lot of drinking and dancing.

Which inevitably led them back to Matthew's apartment where Matthew lost his female virginity to his former body.

But he could not help noticing Jennifer knew what she was doing as he lay there being screwed for the first time in a woman's body enjoying all the sensations he was feeling as he moaned and screen with every thrust of his former cock into his soft wet pussy.

After Jennifer shot her load deep into Matthews wet dripping pussy they lay on the bed exhausted.

Matthews leg still feeling like jelly from the orgasm he had just felt.

He turn to Jennifer in his body and said I love you you know?

Jennifer still panting from pounding her former pussy said I always knew you did that's why I knew you would agree to this as they fell asleep in each other's arms sticky and wet.

The next morning they agreed to stay in each other's bodies and try and make a go of it.

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