Friday, 21 April 2017

New Job Blows 2 Of 2

After that fateful night that almost made him sick James promised himself he would never do it again.

But bills have to be paid & a girl's gotta eat.

So with no real work on the horizon he found himself going back to that bar every night and selling his cute little ass.

He could not believe what he had been reduced to doing.

He dropped his knickers and skirt and let the man take him from behind after slipping a condom on his erect penis.

He moaned and squealed in all the right places as the man pounded away at his pussy and squeezed his breasts until he felt the familiar feeling of a man ejaculating.

He removed the condom for the man wiped himself down before making himself decent & headed back to the bar to wait for his next customer.

He was no longer sickened or repulsed by what he did for money.

He spotted a great big fat greasy biker checking him out from the other side of the bar.

Which made him feel grateful that he only had 6 more months off saving up before he could hopefully by another body and get out of this life.

As three years as a prostitute was long enough for any man.

Part 1

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