Thursday, 23 June 2022

blog update: 23.06.22

Hi everybody.
Hope you are enjoying the stories of late.
I am going on holiday for a couple of days but stories will continue.
There should be at least one story at the usual time everyday.
But I will not be answering messages until I get back.



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  1. He several others were in these tanks or pods for a week or so. Stark naked, as they were been real to be released, the pods were slowly drained the that strange liquid, he and other still had it on there skin as they were release, from the first part of there new life. They were confused with feelings wants and needs that was normal for him, and others, what did the nurses, said they wanted to put on something frilly, something girly. Mostly if not seem to accept as normal behavior for guys. But I wanted to, but didn't want to at same time.
    As time pass in the day, I was allowed to choice some thing to wear Ever thing was, was so , so girly, feminine in appear. And not one pair pants in the closet , drawers. It was nearly nylon, rayon, silk or satin. I needed something to wear, I could choice the least girly thing to wear. But I choice a first for thing to wear. Before I wanted to choice something else. I was to the person who running this place. And I was here a period three to five years it. Depends on several things, on how well I do it the program, after that, I'm a man or person. If you don't do well , we have other ways to bent you.
    Bent me, I said. I was sent to my new room this my new roommate. He or she was as effeminate as me.
    What happen was just beginning, of our transfiguration. Why i was soon to known, that each of the other beautiful girl were once, guys, or males, It stilled hard to believe it. But there were a few that, well that they had there thing down there.
    And me each time I try to fight it, try to stay as boyish as possible. The more feminine I became, I'm not sure that, the way I look, act and dress, is so, so girly, each time, I see myself i the mirror, the more girly I was, It was like second nature, but with others, it seem more primary nature like they were bore like they were actually girls.
    Each time I tried to rebel to the program. The worst it felt. For nearly two and half year, I was still a guy, well were it count. But I feel that I'm slowly slipping, that I'm slowly adjusting to my new feminine, but I can't I won't. But I feels so, so good .