Saturday, 12 January 2019

Finally enjoying yourself.

Robert smiled at his girlfriend Emma as she returned from the bar with two more cocktails.

Emma looked at him and said you look like you're enjoying yourself now.

Robert looked at her and said you were right there was no point sitting in the hotel room afraid to come out because I was put into the body of a well-endowed young woman.

Emma looked him up and down unable to fight the erection that was growing in her speedos and said so does that mean you're open to other things?

Robert looked at her noticing for the first time the massive bulge appearing in her speedos and said what do you have in mind?

Emma not wanting to frighten him or put him off did not suggest going all the way.

She just offered to show him what it was like to have your pussy eaten by somebody who knew what they were doing down there?

Robert eagerly agreed to her plan as over the past couple of days in this woman's body he had been growing more and more sexually turned on by the situation.

They both finished their cocktails collected up there beach towels and headed off to their room.

Where they both spent the next 2 days in bed physically and mentally satisfying each other's temporary bodies.


  1. could you please create caption where josef was shailene woodley and he was satisficed pic here

    1. thank you for taking the time to comment.
      I have added it to the list and I will work on it shortly.


  2. But when they went back to check out they found out that Robert or Bobbie was pregnant and had to keep the female body So Emma or Emmanuel as he went by now married Bobbie Jo and the baby wast followed up with three more another brother and two sisters in the next six years and both Mother and father never looked back.