Sunday, 13 August 2017

One tough holiday.

Jessie with hands on his hips turned and stared at Frank after he entered the bedroom without knocking.

Slightly embarrassed he said to him do you mind I'm trying to get dressed.

Frank stood there and stared at the half naked Jessie and said crikey you're gorgeous.

Jesse just stared at him slightly annoyed and said what do you want?

Frank unable to take his eyes off the gorgeous vision of womanly loveliness in front of him just said I only came in to see if you needed a hand with anything?

Jessie looked at him and said you came into perv on me didn't you?

Well now you've seen it all what do you think of it as he did a little twirl.

Frank just stood there fully erect and said  practically Perfect but you could do with a shave I don't like hairy pussies.

Jessie just looked at him and said well it's a good job it's not for you before forcing him out of the bedroom and getting back to picking out something to wear.

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